Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Microsoft Office Training

20 Insightful Quotes About Microsoft Office Training

You an  alternative here Watch alt equals now  I’m gonna use my arrow key left arrow  right arrow and then just just to get  the cell started in b and then Ctrl  shift down arrow instead of using ENTER.

microsoft office training

I’m gonna use shift enter shift enter  LinkedIn Microsoft Office Training puts the thing in the cell and jumps a  cursor up now. let’s try this down here  alt equals that puts the sum function in. instead of Union enter and pushing my  cursor down because I immediately want  to format the cell after I enter.

The  formula I’m gonna use the Microsoft Office Training  keyboard Ctrl  enter Ctrl enter puts the thing in. the  cell keeps the cell selected again the  idea is most people do enter and then  click back or arrow back and.

That’s an  extra click that you Microsoft Office Training don’t need now we  immediately want to add double line  accounting so I’m going to Ctrl one to  open format cells on the font tab. I’m  gonna go to underline and there we have  single or double accounting underline  and then.

I click OK that’s different  than Microsoft Office Training the border up here this would put  double line for the whole cell this just  does the no  all right keyboards absolutely  fundamental to being efficient in Excel.

I bet you  there’s a keyboard Microsoft Office Training shortcut to jump from  this sheet to keyboards to number  formatting. there is if you’re going to  the right Ctrl page down jumps to the  next sheet now watch.

This Ctrl page down Microsoft Office Training   I’m just page down when it gets to some  sheets that .there are some sheets that  are not showing there under the scroll  bar it will not only activate the next.

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