Software Solution Tips You Need To Learn Now

To make it simpler for us today but it works pretty much like regular solitaire in which you try to arrange things into numerical sequence taking a look at what I got here and I can see a few places where I can make that happen right now so I’m going to move the mouse on the mouse pad up here and put it on this card I’m going to press the left mouse button down and hold it and then move my mouse and you can see that I have now grabbed this card I’m still holding of not releasing I’m going to put it here under.

The for now I’m going to release and there it sin place you can get the idea here I’m going to move this Queen under the king flick it hold the click down the left mouse button and move the mouse overhear into position under the King six goes under seven click over here and release there’s another six that can founder seven and our seven can go under this eight so you can see why this is great practice for learning how to use the mouse because it is you have to do a lot of clicking and holding and I won’t go any farther.

with this but you know you can the games are programmed I’m going to go over here to this stack of cards and click on it and just like in solitaire you can draw some fresh cards if you get to a place but anyway there we’re not here to teach you how to play solitaire but this is a good way to practice using a mouse next we’re going-to open a program one that’s fairly simple actually and that will we’re going.

To explain how programs are laid out now I’m going to go back here and click on my start button again on thatching and open it up again this looks pretty complicated but you also saw when I clicked on all programs it opened up a lot of other windows so it’s even more-complicated.

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